A Little Planet

'Love Nature & Live Together'


Everyone likes animals and lives as a part of natures. However, as civilized and developed for several decades, human and nature become estranged furthermore we have stayed in doors more than in nature with plant.

Even though we try to be with plants - flowers, herbs and trees - in doors for long time, plants are wilted even died in contrast to human's efforts because of difficulties in suitable watering and lighting offering. And observation and experience in cultivating plant become rare opportunity for children since provocative electric devices developed.

To improve these situation, Bloomengine hopes to offer better conditions to enjoy indoor gardening life for not only you and but also plant, to make your place special as an interior object.


Bloomengine purposes better environment of joyful indoor cultivation for human and plants using technology. The plant, basic element for earth ecosystem, is precious property we should leave to next generation, and Bloomengine hopes to make better green planet with preventing plant extinction by Bloomengine services, user's experience and trying.

'Share The Moment'

We do not just set a goal of offering better conditions for plants, but offering environment to communicate among human and plants, desiring to people feel wonderful moment - Sprout, bud and bloom - which is nature's gift.

We can make sure that sharing the moment with plant - or others at home and office - will give unexpected pleasures and create memories you never experienced, and also it will be great opportunity for next generation to love nature.

'Design Your Space'

Bloomengine purposes living together with plants anywhere in door, and this affects to design philosophy of Bloomengine as interior object, which would always be harmonized with your any interior design.

Make your place special with Bloomengine such as living room, kitchen and bedroom, even office. You can be with your lovely pet plant at all times in your own space with its unique atmosphere.