[USA] Gadget Flow: Bloomengine Smart Indoor Planter

Grow your plant from seed to bloom with the Bloomengine Smart Indoor Planter. Utilizing innovative technology, this device monitors, waters and cares for your plants in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, Bloomengine mimics a natural environment with air, soil, sunlight, minerals, and water. The planter uses LED lights to simulate sunlight, choosing the correct wavelength and spectrum to grow your plants indoors. Similarly, a pump and tank water the soil while compressed artificial soil helps your plants grow healthy. The internal micro-fan mimics wind, circulating air inside to support photosynthesis and encourage gas exchange. Furthermore, refilling water causes it to rain inside the planter. Using the built-in full HD camera, the smart indoor planter records your plant’s journey in real-time via photos. You can also choose the time-lapse function to capture each stage of your plant’s growth.

media: Gadget Flow

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