[USA] Digital Trends: Brown thumb? Bloomengine takes the guesswork out of growing delicate plants

“Bloomengine is an indoor gardening smart pot for people living in big cities,” Seulki William Park, Bloomengine’s inventor, told Digital Trends. Park described that the device has “various functions for flower cultivation and works in conjunction with a smartphone.” Created with beginners in mind, it is meant to allow users to bring the growing process safely indoors, growing plants from seed in the comfort of a high-tech, greenhouse-like chamber.

Using Bloomengine is purportedly simple. Users place a peat pellet into a bit of water, which causes it to expand, and then place the pellet into the growing chamber. They then plant a seed. The chamber automates much of the rest of the process, including providing the plant with adequate light, water, and aeration.

Featured in the high-tech, full-service greenhouse are a built-in LED, water pump, and small fan that aids in flower cultivation. The full-spectrum LED is optimized for plant growth. The water pump circulates the water to ensure it stays fresh between fillings. And the fan is designed to support photosynthesis by exchanging the air inside the chamber with air outside. The Bloomengine app can be set to notify users if anything in the system goes wrong and the plant’s health is potentially compromised.

Small plants are best suited for Bloomenginer. Park said he suggests users grow plants like gazanias, rose periwinkles, and boxwood basil. Once the plants have grown to a healthy enough size, they can be taken out of the chamber and replanted.

Bloomengine is expected to retail for $169 but you can claim yours for a $129 by pledging to the project’s Kickstarter campaign. Nearly 300 backers have pledged almost $51,000 on Kickstarter at the time this article was published. The project already raised $10,128 on Indiegogo. For an added cost, a camera-equipped model lets users record their plant’s growth in action.

The device is expected to be available in July but as always, we offer a disclaimer about crowdfunding projects. Backers to the project’s crowdfunding campaigns may see the device before then, Park said.


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