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Nature Mimic
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Emotional Design


Bloomengine’s Story

Bloomengine Inc. is based in Seoul, South Korea, and develops and provides urban agriculture-related products and services to make it easier for people living in large cities(Seoul, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London etc.) to participate in urban agriculture.

The current flagship product is the personal smart indoor planter ‘Bloomengine. It grows ornamental flowers from seeds indoors and helps sprouting and growing flowers to grow your own pets. In addition, the stylish design, the unique structural design, and the smart LED lighting are built to win the Gold of Korea Good Design Award.

In addition, we are developing a smart garden module system so that people living in the city can participate in urban agriculture more actively and easily by utilizing the idle space and indoor space in the city. Based on this, we are preparing customized seedling recommendation and regular delivery service for seedlings and subsidiary materials, and in the future, we are striving to grow into a leading company in urban agriculture lifestyle by providing products and services leading urban agriculture in the future.

‘Bloom Your Experience’

  • We study not only the growth conditions that plants need in an enclosed space, but also the growing environment where people and plants can live together in an indoor space.
  • Bloomengine provides users with new moments based on their companion plants by providing every moment when they sprout and grow from the seeds of the plant and bloom.
  • Communicating and sharing experiences with plants through Bloomengine brings joy and special memories not only to users but also to friends and family.

‘Bloom Your Space’

  • Planned, designed, developed, and produced based on design innovations, smart indoor planter Bloomengine provides a new emotion to the user’s space with its unique exterior design and structural design.
  • Bloomengine is designed to provide the right light, water and wind to grow your space every day as your pets grow.
  • Bloomengine has a built-in timer that lets you glow beautifully when you get home in the evening and works in conjunction with the smartphone APP.