Successfully raised $50,995 with 295 backers, kickstarter

2018-11-05By Notice  

THANK YOU SO MUCH! WOW! We raised over 50K USD! These last 45days have been truly amazing. Thank you for allowing us to share our dream with you, and thank you for making this dream come true! We’re happy to let you know that our production timeline is on track. So, What Comes Now? In … Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Opened

2018-09-18By Notice  

Bloomengine Campaign Opened from 17th.SEP! Do not miss a special discount which is only available at Kickstarter! For Bloomengine Color, Early-Bird with $129 (23% discount), and Kickstarter-Special with $149 (11% discount) For Bloomengine Vision, Early-Bird with $149 (25% discount), and Kickstarter-Special with $169 (15% discount) + Double and Group Pack are also Available! Please refer to the … Read More

Kickstarter ‘Coming Soon’ with New version

2018-08-09By Notice  

Coming Soon at “Kickstarter” with ‘New version’ on 18th.Sep. Take advantage as Backers! ‘Super Early Birds’ ‘Early Birds’ ‘All Backers’ More information about the new version is in ‘PRODUCTS’ Thank you. Bloomengine Inc.

Wadiz Thank You Event

2018-08-09By Event

Thank you for successful “Wadiz” funding 479% Achievement 298-supporters Product Delivery on end of Mar. Thank you. Bloomengine Inc.

This is Bloomengine

2018-08-09By Notice  

Welcome to Bloomengine’s Website. First Bloomengine smart planter with Bluetooth, was introduced on Wadiz Korean Crowdfunding. A new one will be introduced on Kickstarter, Crowdfunding, in Autumn 2018. Hope your interest and support to us. Thank you. Bloomengine Inc.