Beautiful & Smartest Your Life-Mate

Bloomengine offers new concept of indoor gardening with its unique design, to improve your daily life with plants.
To share plant's gift - bud and bloom from seed - it supports the suitable condition of lighting, watering and circulating air.

Smart Gardening
Create own environment for your pet-plant in smart way, simply connecting to smartphone application and monitoring conditions.

Interior Design
Decorate own space - home and office - with its unique design, and make elegant atmosphere with its LED light.

Natural Environment
Grow your pet-plant under natural environment - Sun, Soil, Water and Wind  - with Bloomengine's unique system,

Share Pleasure
Communicate with your pet-plant, and share emotion you experienced with others via Bloomengine.


Bloomengine aims to realize natural environment for all plants - Herbs, Flowers, Edible, etc.
And we hope to support more joyful indoor gardening life with unique functionalities.

#1 LED Light
Bloomengine LED provides suitable light wavelength and strength like sunlight for plant's growth and bloom,  and creates elegant interior atmosphere with warm color.

#2 Tank & Pump
1.2 liters of water is stored and kept fresh with circulation by water pump in tank without worries for watering. And Pump brings water to plants at the time you set on App.

#3 Soil
Bloomengine supports natural condition, regular dry & wet, at each growth steps with soil. The right structure and microbial ecology in soil helps your pet-plant grow healthy.

#4 Air Circulation
A micro-fan supports plant's transpiration process and gases of carbon dioxide and oxygen for plant's health and growth. Feel pet-plant's dance with wind at inside of Bloomengine.

#5 Raining Effect
You can pour water right over the top lid simply, and enjoy the sight of water drops like raining to flowers. Water will directly stored at tank at bottom of Bloomengine.

#6 Easy Control
You can control easily own conditions for your pet-plant, and monitor Bloomengine status. Bloomengine will alarm you if Bloomengine needs your help such as refilling water.

#7 Mood RGB LED
RGB, which doesn't affect to plant, makes your space more elegant at night. Makes your own atmosphere with Plant in Bloomengine.

#8 Time-Lapse Camera
Monitor your pet-plant in real-time, and feel the difference everyday with Time-laps, service by Bloomengine.