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Can I cultivate ‘Esculent plants’?

However, Bloomengine recommends purchasing plants for foods at market rather than planting to Bloomengine, because of taste, texture, and price.

Can I use normal soil and fertilizer?

Actually Not.

Other (normal) soils can cause troubles in the water supply system and plant growth blocking water pump.
Bloomengine cannot guarantee plants growth and does not support any troubles by user fault and unofficial subsidiaries. We recommend using Bloomengine official products for AS and support.

How often should I fill water for plants?

Just fill the water one time per a month, but it depends on indoors humidity and plant’s characteristics.
The water level is monitored by the sensor in the water tank, and you can check it on the product’s LED indicator or notification from Application.

What should I do if the plant grows too much?

Bloomengine is not suitable for small-sized plants over 6-months.
You can repot the plants holding the lower part of the plant, and set a new setting to the application with new soil and seed.

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