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How to plant seeds

1. Connect the adapter plug to the bottom of the console.

2. Pour the liquid fertilizer and water into the Bloomengine water tank.

3. Put the compressed soil on a plate with water. And wait for a while. (10-20 min)

4. Insert the soil in the Bloomengine.

5. Make holes for planting seeds. (Depth 2-3 mm)

6. Place 2-3 seeds in the seed capsule on the soil.

7. Cover them with remaining soil.

8. Insert the connecting cable into the socket while covering the window with the body.

9. Touch the manual mode button on the top of the product or connect to the app to use in auto mode.


Q1. Can I grow plants other than the varieties offered by Bloomengine?

Yes, you can grow it.

However, for edible plants, we recommend that you buy it for reasons such as texture, taste, and price.
Germination and growth conditions (temperature / humidity, etc.) are different for each plant, so they may not germinate or grow abnormally in the Bloomengine.

Bloomengine is experimenting and preparing customers to grow more diverse flowers and herbs at reasonable prices.

Q2. Can I use ordinary culture soil or solid fertilizer?

Plain culture soils and solid fertilizers are not recommended.

In the case of general soil and other fertilizers, it may be the cause of failure of the water pump built into Bloomengine.

Bloomengine also offers consumables such as compressed soil and fertilizers at reasonable prices. You can find it in our online mall.

Q3. How often do I need to replace / replenish water?

Generally, it depends on the indoor environment (temperature and humidity), but usually every 2-4 weeks.

The water tank is built in the lower part, and water tank can store water up to 1.2L.
The amount of water is checked in real time by the built-in water level sensor and the level is displayed in three steps. The water level can be checked on the LED indicator on the top of the Bloomengine and the smartphone APP.

Q4. What should I do if the plant grows a lot?

The plant recommended by Bloomengine is a miniature herbaceous species. Typically, they grow to around 20 centimeters in 6 to 12 months.
When you have grown to this extent, you can easily divide it if you want.
Grab the bottom part of the flower, pull it out, add fresh soil and seeds, and start growing.

Q5. Please provide basic knowledge about how to grow pet-plant in Bloomengine.

Bloomengine automatically controls light, water and wind to help plants germinate, grow and bloom.
Bloomengine has its own built-in timer, which can be operated automatically every day, and you can also set the operation time as you want through the smartphone APP.
It is recommended to operate LED lighting about 8 ~ 12 hours every day and the pump should be operated once a day. (Small DC FAN works in conjunction with LED lighting)


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