[USA] Electronics360: Smart Planter Creates Optimal Growing Conditions for Houseplants

Bloomengine, a smart planter that can monitor and water plants, is specialized for plant growth by creating a natural environment with artificial soil, water, minerals, air and sunlight.

For the sunlight aspect of plant growing, Bloomengine’s LED lighting provides enough brightness (10K to 25K lux) and light wavelength (380 nm to 780 nm) to easily grow plants indoors.

Bloomengine has a pump in the base that automatically flows water around the plant to achieve optimal water distribution and circulation. The tank can hold a month’s worth of water.

It also provides water to the plant through a “rain” sequence. When the owner pours the water on the plant, Bloomengine redistributes the water to create a natural rain-like effect.

The low-maintenance artificial soil offers suitable conditions for regular wet and dry periods with minerals essential to flowering. Bloomengine has a fan inside the unit that controls transpiration, temperature and gas exchange in the unit.

A pre-installed full HD camera shows owners their plant’s real-time status via photos. Users can select a time-lapse function to capture each stage of the plant’s growth. Plant owners can also customize environmental conditions, watering and lighting times via the Bloomengine app.

Learn more about Bloomengine on its Kickstarter site.

출처: Electronics360

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