The Bloomengine is what you’d get if you combined the green thumb with the concept of the Tamagotchi. A completely self-contained, self-sustaining planter, the Bloomengine can grow and monitor your plant while guiding you through the process, informing you of the plant’s progress and needs. The Bloomengine requires little to no involvement from the user, as it autonomously takes care of all the plant’s needs.

Growing plants in the Bloomengine’s planter feels like an experience out of a sci-fi movie. Place the compressed soil tablet in the center of the planter, and the seeds on top. Then add a few drops of fertilizer on the grill around the planter and pour water to fill the reservoir up. Connect the Bloomengine to a power source and it then gets to work. A 10k-25K lux LED gives the plant the artificial sunlight it needs to enable photosynthesis, while the water is guided to the top of the planter and is precipitated down like artificial rain, simulating everything the plant needs to grow. There’s even a micro ventilation fan that allows for air circulation that helps flowers bloom. While all this happens, the planter sends you plant-health related data to your phone, allowing you to keep tabs on the plant’s growth… Oh, did I mention there’s also a Full-HD camera mounted on the top that can take time-lapses of your plant growing?

The Bloomengine is perfect for people who don’t have the time to, or don’t know how to grow different varieties of plants. The smart planter takes charge of understanding the plant’s needs and requirements, guiding you through the exercise, and allowing you to automate parts of the process too. Once grown to a certain degree, the plant can be taken out and transferred into a regular planter/pot, emptying the Bloomengine for your next exotic plant or your kitchen-garden shrub, effectively making the Bloomengine the most ideal AI-powered nursery and greenhouse for any plant you wish to grow!

Designers: William Park & Jeehye Yoo

Bloomengine is a smart indoor planter that grows your plant from seed to bloom and records the plant journey in real-time with built-in Full HD camera.

출처 : yanko design

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