[Turkey] Interestingengineering: This Smart Indoor Planter Will Get You Closer to Nature

Bloomengine lets you grow plants and flowers indoors using smart technology.

Humans by nature, are drawn to green spaces. But if you live in a busy city, finding ways to connect with nature is difficult.
Many of us try and substitute our lack of exposure to green by growing plants and flowers in our homes. But gardening requires knowledge and time that most of us don’t have.

Enjoy watching plants grow and flower

Bloomengine wants to bring flowers and plants into your life without the worry. It provides the perfect indoor environment for your favorite plant or flower and coaches you through the process of caring for your new green friend with innovative technology and connected app.

Bloomengine is effectively a stylish mini greenhouse that creates the perfect growing condition for your plant of choice. Simply sow the seed into the compressed soil area and get ready for growth.

Bloomengine takes the worry out of gardening

The soil is specially equipped to deliver just the right amount of nutrients to your seed as it starts its journey to full growth. You don’t even need to remember to water.

Just turn the power on to your Bloomengine and the water pump will deliver the exact amount of water to your plant without you having to worry if you have given it too much or too little. Bloomengine can also look after your plant when you are away.

Simply notify the water pump via the app how many days you will be away and everything is taken care for you. Bloomengine offers a new concept of green indoor life by creating the perfect environment for your favorite greenery.

Capture the incredible power of nature in full HD

The inbuilt LED technology provides your plant with the perfect amount of light no matter the external environment. The light can easily be switched on and off too, so you can manage your level of control.

Bloomengine also has an inbuilt microphone that allows it to manage the exchange of gases from each environment. If your plant does need your help, you’ll get notified via the Bloomengine app.

The full HD camera of Bloomengine will capture your plant as it grows to provide spectacular videos of growth that will be a joy to share with your children and other loved ones. Bloomengine makes a memorable gift for anyone that loves plants but doesn’t lead a gardening lifestyle.

Not only does the Bloomengine bring green into your life, it’s also stylish and makes a gorgeous addition to any home or office. The smart device has special RGB lighting which will provide the perfect mood for any time of day or night.

Learn and observe about the whole life-cycle of a plant with Bloomengine. Reconnect to green right inside your home. Bloomengine is available now on Kickstarter for just $129.

media : interestingengineering

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